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Shenzhen Wejoin Mechanical & Electrical Co.

Shenzhen Wejoin Mechanical & Electrical Co. Shenzhen Wejoin Mechanical & Electrical Co. Shenzhen Wejoin Mechanical & Electrical Co. Shenzhen Wejoin Mechanical & Electrical Co.
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Shenzhen Wejoin Mechanical & Electrical Co.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: WEJOIN
No. of Employees: 300~320
Annual Sales: 30000000-35000000
Year Established: 2004
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
About Us

Founded in March 2004, Shenzhen WEJOIN is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production, and sales of intelligent access control products. It has nearly 200 patented technologies. Its main products including commercial barrier gate, high-grade & mid-grade & eco-grade DC variable-frequency barrier gate, flap barrier, tripod turnstile, swing barrier, speed gate, etc., are suitable for the entry and exit management of vehicles and personnel such as high-speed toll gate, commercial plaza, residential areas, stations, customs checkpoints, etc.


Since 2017, Shenzhen WEJOIN has invested heavily in building intelligent robot production lines. Till now, it has formed nearly 30 intelligent robot production lines for the annual production capacity of 300,000 sets, with more than 160 sets of equipment. WEJOIN is the worldwide biggest production base for barrier gates. It has realized the automation of precisely die-casting, accessories processing, motor assembly, mechanism assembly, whole assembly, and packaging, etc. The comprehensive automation rate is more than 80%, of which more than 90% of the spare parts are produced by intelligent robots, assuring the consistency and stability of the product quality. In the future, Chinese enterprises will step up efforts to high-end manufacturing and high-quality development. WEJOIN will help the industry develop steadily through intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing of “double intelligence”.


WEJOIN has strong innovation and R&D capabilities, ultra-high technology, and craftsmanship, leading the industry into the era of intelligent variable speed interconnection. On September 20, 2021, WEJOIN launched a 3D barrier gate that achieved ultra-high-speed operation in 3D space. This is the industry's first, disruptive innovation, and historic breakthrough, representing WEJOIN's superior technical capabilities. From the birth of the first integrated barrier gate in 2004 to the launch of the 3D barrier gate in 2021, WEJOIN has carried out seven major technological changes of the barrier gate in 18 years, leading the continuous development of technology in the industry.


From raw materials to spare parts, as well to finished products, WEJOIN is currently the only domestic enterprise that adopts large-scale intelligent manufacturing in the entire industry chain. With the industry 4.0 standard as the goal, WEJOIN will realize informationized and unmanned production, continue to increase the development of new technology and the investment of intelligent automation equipment for barrier gates, improve the manufacturing accuracy, operating life, and stability of the barrier gates, and make them more convenient, more intelligent and more reliable.


Technological innovation, product quality, and manufacturing capabilities are the driving force of WEJOIN's continuous development. Brand, channels, and after-sales service are the pillars of WEJOIN's long-term development. WEJOIN has established sales and service organizations in more than 30 provinces and cities across China, providing high-quality products and services to more than 3,000 distributors and system vendors. WEJOIN products are sold all over the world. It has set up agency service outlets in more than 100 countries and regions including Mexico, Brazil, Britain, Malaysia, Turkey, Israel, India, Thailand, South Africa, etc. It is the largest barrier gate manufacturer in China with the largest export volume.


With superior product quality and a high-quality after-sales service system, "WEJOIN" has become a world-renowned brand of barrier gates. Stay true to the original aspiration, work hard, make every product with hearts, and build trustworthy WEJOIN quality in the world.



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Nov 2002, WEJOIN Electron Department, the predecessor of WEJOIN Company, is established in Gongming, Shenzhen City. In the beginning, there are 7 employees, the workshop is less than 100 square meters. The main business is producing a door control system.

Jun 2003, WEJOIN Electron Department expands production, and the number of employees increases to over 30, the workshop is over 500 square meters. Besides, WEJOIN also increases sales.

Mar 10th, 2004, Shenzhen WEJOIN Machine & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd was established at Biling, Pingshan, Longgang District, Shenzhen, which covers an area of 2000 square meters.

Sep 2005, the retractable “gate trolley project navigation devices” independently developed by WEJOIN, won the 2003-2005 Annual Science Prize of Longgang District and registered as research achievement of science and technology by Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology.

Sep 2006, WEJOIN overseas department was established.

Jan 1st, 2007, WEJOIN Technology Park started to construct, the construction period is one year.

Oct 2008, WEJOIN 20th office of the domestic market was established.

Jun 2009, WEJOIN won the “National High-tech Enterprise Award” and received the “2007-2009 Longgang District Science and Technology Innovation Award”.

Jan 2010, WEJOIN Barrier Gate was awarded the Brand Business of Guangdong Province of 2009.

In May 2011, WEJOIN awarded one of the most potential branding enterprises in Shenzhen.

Feb 2012, The production capacity of the barrier gate reached 3000 sets/month.

Jul 2013, Shenzhen WEJOIN Mechanical & Electrical Co. was established.

Jan 2014, The production capacity of the barrier gate reached 4000 sets/month.

In Aug 2015, WEJOIN's first Dual Speed Barrier Gate (DZ01S barrier gate series) was developed and off the assembly line successfully.

In Oct 2016, WEJOIN Machinery Workshop was upgraded, the first automation of intelligent robots was used for boom holder welding.

In Nov 2017, WEJOIN has set up 13 production lines with the automation of intelligent robots and put them into use.

In Jan 2018, WEJOIN's first Commercial DC Servo Barrier Gate (CB03 barrier gate series) was developed and off the assembly line successfully.


On September 20, 2021, WEJOIN launched a 3D barrier gate that achieved ultra-high-speed operation in 3D space. This is the industry's first, disruptive innovation, and historic breakthrough, representing WEJOIN's superior technical capabilities.


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The WEJOIN access control system and associated core components are independently designed and manufactured. Included are the barrier gate, tripod turnstile, flap barrier, swing barrier, and parking lock.


WEJOIN barrier gate is manufactured with the latest technologies to ensure intelligent and automated operation. Its structural design incorporates our independently developed clutch and safe and reliable operation around rear-end obstacles. The mainboard comes with connection interfaces for vehicle detectors, traffic lights, infrared photocell, as well as RS485 communication devices. These functions are designed to satisfy the diverse needs of individual users.


The tripod turnstile features a mechatronics structural design that supports functions such as card scanning and bidirectional passing. It comes with an onboard program for automatic fault analysis and rectification. The middle arm will automatically drop down when powered off and rise up when powered on. A connection interface is available for passenger counters, and dual-directional traffic lights. Operating on a complete set of communication protocols, the turnstile offers useful functions such as soft start, overclock protection, and automatic obstacle detection.


Precisely machined flap barriers and swing barriers offer a complete range of functions including automatic alarm, emergency gate-open override, infrared anti-clamp, automatic fault diagnosis, anti-reversal lock, as well as single or dual-direction access control. Automatic gate-closing is enabled during power-on. If passage remains unused after gate access has been granted, the barrier will automatically extend access time. The grace period can be calibrated.


WEJOIN is an advocate of technology and innovation. Our professional development team is led by Mr. Tu — a well-known expert in the domestic industry. Their continuous efforts have yielded more than 100 intellectual property patents, of which there are over 20 invention patents. We specialize in technologies involving access control systems, trackless retractable doors, as well as parking facility management systems.


Our focus in logistics, quality assurance, production technology, and brand imaging is complemented by an emphasis on after-sales service. With the cooperation of more than 50 distributors worldwide, we have successfully established a global service network. Sincere and attentive representatives are on standby to provide professional assistance to our valued clientele. We utilize a highly effective system for the fielding of international logistics. Orders are freighted via both air and sea in either full container loads or less than container loads. WEJOIN works closely with trusted shipping companies to ensure that all deliveries are made safely, accurately, and on time.


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Our Team

R&D department
WEJOIN R&D department has 58 staff, dominating 10% of all the WEJOIN employees. Under the leading of the chief engineer Mr.Tu Qichun who is one of the most authoritative engineers for access control products in China, WEJOIN has been developed many kinds of barrier gates, turnstile gates, speed gates, swing gates from 2004 on. Every year we have upgraded the exit products and lunch on the new products on the basis of the market feedback. Our goal is to manufacture the most proper products for the clients.


Manufacture department
WEJOIN manufacturing department has six workshops containing 300 staff. They are a diecasting workshop, electric workshop, machinery workshop, two assembling workshops, testing workshop. For all the parts for the products, WEJOIN manufactures them in the WEJOIN factory, then assembles them together and testing. WEJOIN can control the quality of every part of the products. Our goal is to control the fault rate of the products as low as 0% within the guarantee period.


Overseas marketing department
WEJOIN oversea department has 16 staff. All of them have the experience of serving clients for more than 4 years. Till now, this team has served clients from more than 80 countries. There have 38 distributors all over the world for WEJOIN products. WEJOIN products win the market share depending on the stable quality, most proper service, competitive price. the sales of this team increase by 40% year on year.

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